Friday, March 14, 2008

34 Kids sponsored! (and my first radio appearance)

We managed to get 34 children sponsors in a day and a half. Well, less than that really because at the end of Thursday we only had five or six sponsors. We got no new sponsors for the first two hours of Friday but we got more than 25 sponsors in the last couple of hours of Friday! I'd been wanting to sponsor a child but was finding it difficult to find $30 in our budget (everything is costing more than we'd thought here) so I arranged to volunteer two hours a month at work and the station would sponsor the child for me, and as a result Monika sat me down in the studio and interviewed me for a couple of minutes to show people that they could be creative with their giving. I should be getting the information about my little girl shortly - I let the Mission of Mercy guy choose a child for me because he knew which were the most needy. I do know she's from one of the countries in Africa most badly hit by the Aids epidemic. I'll keep you posted.

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