Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Knitting Update September 2011

Finished Objects

I've been a very busy girl this month - I've finished the Crow Waltz shawl and the socks for mom, knit four scarves, three pairs of fingerless mitts, a little princess crown and an octopus.

I'm so pleased I've finally finished the Crow Waltz shawl. I didn't have enough pins to block it properly so eventually I may reblock it but at the moment I'm pretty happy with it.  Here's a picture of it blocking and I'll try and get one of me wearing it.

 I've been knitting fingerless mitts for a charity that distributes them to dialysis patients, although Evie tried on a pair and decided she wanted one. Since she's headed back to chilly Reading next week I'll give her the black pair and knit up some new ones to replace them. I was really tempted to keep the purple ones but I have some yarn left so I'll make a pair for myself next.

(Evie was the hand model for these.)

I finished the Monkey socks at campmeeting but, as I feared, they were too narrow for Mom's feet. I had my purple socks with me and they fit her much better so we did a swap, and I'm now the proud owner of the blue & green Monkeys.

I was working on my pink bamboo Shale scarf while at campmeeting and it garnered much interest and requests for similar scarves so when I'd finished mine:

 I made one for Noely:
 (she just got it in the mail and loved it so I've asked for a picture of it on her)

And then one for Mom:

 (Shh, I haven't sent it to her yet)

I've also knitted a little princess crown and a scarf for charities through Ravelry, which I don't have pictures of at the moment, and crocheted an octopus for Evie's friend Claire, in California, as a thank you for picking me up at the airport in July.  Apparently she loves octopi.

I think he's pretty cute

What's on the Needles

So, at the moment I'm knitting a lace cowl for myself out of the Debbie Bliss Andes I made my slouchy hat out of last year:

It's going pretty fast so I should have it done by the end of the weekend, if not earlier.

I've also started a coat for Evie out of Ella Rae Classic worsted wool in a dark red, held double, which will be felted down to make a kind of pirate-y coat. It's knit on big needles (8mm) so it's going pretty quick, but I won't be able to felt it until Evie comes home for Christmas (to make sure it fits), so I'm not in a hurry with this.  It's stockinette, so fairly mindless knitting and I can work on it while I watch TV, although I do have to be careful that I take up both strands in each stitch - I do have a tendency to miss one every so often.

And finally, I've managed to block the pink cardigan:

The empty living room is perfect for blocking at the moment. I've brought up the spare twin mattress and covered it and a throw rug with sheets.

If I can get the cowl done before the weekend I'm going to make a start on seaming the cardigan up.


Nothing at the moment!

New Stash

Apart from the new yarn for Evie's coat and the commissioned scarves I've been mostly knitting from my existing stash.  I did make one "retail therapy" purchase when I was having a very bad day, of some gorgeous Malabrigo sock yarn, with which I'm going to make a lace shawl.  The colourway is "Velvet Grapes" and the name of the shawl is "Candy Shoppe".
What I've Been Listening To

Lot's more Agatha Christie - it really is the perfect knitting listening, entertaining without being too demanding.  I've also been listening to a fair number of the divine Phryne (rhymes with briny) Fisher books by Kerry Greenwood, also very entertaining. I've just seen that the ABC in Australia (the books are set in Melbourne) are making a TV series, so I'll have to keep an eye out for that.

I've downloaded some more knitting podcasts - still working my way through the 150-odd KnitPicks episodes - but have discovered a few more that I enjoy, including "Never Not Knitting".

What I'm Reading

Again, not a lot, although I have discovered a fun knitting/mystery series at the library by Sally Goldenbaum, set in a little seaside town on the East Coast of the States (Massachusetts I think, they visit Boston a fair amount).  There do seem to be several knitting/mystery series but this is the one I've liked the best so far.

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  1. Wow - your knitting is beautiful. You have a great eye for color combinations, too.

    Thank you so much for the very sweet comment you left today! It said what I HOPE I am putting out there, so thank you for the encouragement, Wendy.
    -Revi, a new follower.


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