Tuesday, June 08, 2010

...and pretty maids all in a row

I have a garden.

Everyone "ooh" and "ahh" now (and if you knew me growing up on the farm, laugh).

Seriously, I have a garden.  I admit, I'd made grandiose plans.   I had a great time poring over seed catalogues and making up longer and longer lists of veggies I wanted to grow.  In the end however, money, time and energy dictated a somewhat more modest endeavour.

The monsters at the back are my potatoes.  I'd like to say I'm proud but to be honest all I did was put them in the ground.  The two largish courgettes on the left are what's left of the six I planted and the ones in the middle were a gift today from the lovely Ralph.  I've given them a good soaking and hopefully a couple of them will make it.  The little green dots on the right are my pepper seedlings.

The big white thing in the back is a carpet I've put down to kill the lawn so I can expand the garden later in the summer.  I'd really like to put some beets, leeks and red cabbage in.  I love pickled cabbage and beets, well pickled anything really, and I'm looking forward to making my own.

Do I seem overexcited about a small patch of mostly bare ground in my lawn?  Perhaps.  But it's a first step towards my dreams...tread softly.

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