Thursday, June 03, 2010

Zen and the Art of Sock Knitting

Knitting is cheaper than therapy.  Heck, knitting IS therapy.  Last week I started my first real knitting project, a pair of socks from a kit I bought.  Coincidentally I had a really stressful week at work (and financially).   On Thursday I was starting to tear my hair out so I put everything down, went outside and sat on the bench in the sunshine, took out my sock and started knitting ribs.  I must have sat there for half an hour, soaking up the rays, watching my sock slowly grow, and I could feel the tension melting out of my shoulders.  And all it cost me was £9.99.

Here it is in the early stages.  It's made from a lovely German sock wool called Opal, which is variegated and self striping.  I'm just about to finish off the toe of this one and then I have the second one to knit, and I'll have my very own, hand knitted socks!  I'll put up pictures of the finished product.


  1. Awesome, Wendy! I recently took up knitting too, and am surprisingly smitten with it. I've made a couple of coffee cup cozies (little bands to use instead of cardboard on disposable cups), a little kerchief for my husband's Oma, and am currently working like mad on a baby blanket for a certain baby boy we know that was already born and will (I fear) no longer need it by the time I'm done :( I must try socks one of these days - nice work, btw, and I'm sure you (or whomever you give them to) will love wearing them!

  2. They are for ME! I have bought some bamboo yarn to make Evie a pair of tabi socks, but these first ones are mine. I have been having so much fun finding free knitting patterns on line - knitty,com in particular has amazing free stuff.

    You'll have to post pictures of the baby blanket when you get it done.


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