Thursday, August 01, 2013

The Guest Room -After(ish) Pictures

So, you can read about the saga of trying to pick a paint colour for, and the actual painting of, the guest room last summer here.  It went from this
to this
and then I left you hanging.

Bearing in mind there is still some work to be done, here are a few pictures of a useable guest room. (And yes, I'm still very chuffed to even HAVE a guest room, after 20 years of guests, including my parents, having to sleep on a blow-up mattress on the living room floor).

The bed is our old frame from England, the bedside table is an old wood folding table covered with a scarf I found at the thrift store (like the little bird cage). The quilt is one my grandmother made, which Mom gave me when I told her I was doing a black & white room. The matelasse quilt was a birthday gift (thanks Mom). I'm lovin' on matelasse at the moment and I'm considering getting one in cream for our room.

The shams actually go with the bed set in the master bedroom but look better in here. The bolster pillow is a thrift store find, wrapped in black thrift store scarf and tied with some white ribbon I found in my stash.

Almost everything in this room I either owned before, was a gift, or was a thrift store deal. The chest of drawers and tri-fold mirror are actually Evie's and were given to her by David's mum when she moved back to Australia. It's an antique so I won't be repainting it. The arched mirror hung in our room in England and I'm trying to decide if I want it in this room and whether to repaint it a brighter white or black. Most of the accessories were bought at the thrift store, as was the lamp - although that was originally powder blue and I spray painted it black. The chair has been with us for about as long as we've been married and I don't even remember where we got it. It desperately needs an overhaul. I'm thinking of painting it watermelon for a little jolt of colour in the room.

My favourite things in the room are the ink sketches.
My parents bought these in London in 1973 on our way back from Nigeria and all through my childhood they hung in the main bathroom of our house. Mom had them packed away, but gave them to me when she gave me the quilt, to put up in this room. (Thanks again Mom)

Photo bombing from Bartholomew and Finian. Actually, they are very colour-coordinated for this room!

I really need to get some new knobs for the bottom drawers there. I also need to get some proper curtains up. The lace gives some privacy but this window faces east so there's nothing to block the light in the morning.

What I'm trying to decide now is what to do with the space above the bed. Whether to move the drawings over and hang them in a two over two formation (similar to the collage I've done above), or to put up the decal I bought at Michaels.
I'm kind of in love with chandelier silhouettes at the moment.


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  1. So I want to come visit!

    1. You need to Amelia! I don't think I've seen you since that brunch with Todd. Have you been to DC before? Our place is perfect to use as a base for seeing the area. We're only 1/2 hour from the centre of the city.

  2. It looks great! And I love it that you color-coordinated your kitty. :)

    1. Thanks Revi :)Totally unintentional but serendipitous.

  3. Beautiful room! I'd love for you to link up to The DIY'ers!

    1. Thanks so much Kayla. I will do.


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