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Decorating Style

It may be slightly weird, but I love taking online quizzes. Whether it's to find out my personality type, or what character from Harry Potter I might be. It's Ron Weasley, in case you are interested, and I always, always get sorted into Hufflepuff.

Recently, with all the DIY and home decorating blogs I've been stalking following, I decided to take a couple (or more) of the "What is your decorating style?" quizzes. They basically fall into two categories: written and visual.

An example of the written category might be:

Your living room floor is:
  • Painted pine, covered with only slightly worn Oriental rugs, bought at a yard sale (what were they thinking?)
  • Deep-stained oak strip, left bare or covered by sisal rugs.
  • Custom-cut Marmoleum, in swooping swaths of grey-blue and mustard
  • Heirloom Aubusson and Persian rugs.
Based on your answers to a series of these types of questions they will give you an approximation of your style.

The visual category, which is more fun, gives you a series of pictures to choose from.

Again, based on your answers, you get results at the end, but the visuals feel more intuitive, while the written questions can be open to all sorts of interpretations.

Here are a few of my favourite quizzes, the ones I felt got closest to describing what I like in my home.

Farmhouse Glam with a touch of Boho/Traveler
Farmhouse Glam is the delicate, exquisite balance between beautiful femininity and rustic nonchalance. She's all about the discovery of unexpected sparkle amidst the less polished. She wears high heels and a denim jacket, a string of pearls and bare feet. And her home feels as special as it does comfortable.

Photo: Looks Like
Interestingly, the answer page gave a list of "Who is Blogging Farmhouse Glam" and the top two were Miss Mustard Seed and Perfectly Imperfect, two of my favourite bloggers.

Style At Home
Country Charmer 
You're a born romantic, and you love pieces that show something of the lives their past owners lived. You don't need to impress with fine things; you'd rather look for the piece whose beauty others somehow passed by. You're resourceful and eclectic, and follow your own instincts in both decorating and life. Your sunny outlook is charming, but be careful not to let your rose-tinted glasses blind you to the real world -- at least not all of the time!
A style enthusiast brings country chic to the big city
"Laid-back" best describes your way of life, which means Cottage style is right up your alley. You love rooms that feel casual, breezy, and informal. Consider slipcovered furniture and painted wood pieces to achieve a put-your-feet-up vibe. Use crisp white as the ideal backdrop for layers of soft accent colors found in pillows, rugs, and vintage accessories.
Timeworn and Sophisticated
Interior Design Packages
Traditional European Design Style
Should you be fortunate enough to inhabit a setting with tall ceilings and windows, stone or wood floors and even a suggestion of the ornate in accompanying cabinets, wall panels and lighting, you will have a great foundation for creating a Traditional European Style home. Refined finishes with layers of color, gold or silver leafing and a finishing glaze are the signature of fine old world furniture craftsmen whose work you will covet. Pleats, tufting, ruffling, trims, nail heads, medallions, tassels and fringe dominate chapter two in your furniture and drapery journal.
Crystal chandeliers and wall sconces or more masculine bronze, wooden or wrought iron pendants and candelabra will light the stage for the exquisite drama that enfolds as you design and furnish with stately carved wood and stone, richly textured fabrics of damask, tapestry, velvet or satin and complimentary mirrors, urns and porcelains.

I actually took this one twice by accident, about a month apart, and got two different answers, but I think they are both right in their way.

Old World, New Way
Deep, rich and regal but muted for a time-worn effect. Finishes are distressed, woodwork is rough-hewn. A lived-in but luxurious old world.
Elegant yet relaxing. Luxurious fabrics, soft colors, fresh florals. Appeals to all the senses and sets a warm mood.
Real Simple
I got about 50/50 on this one.
C. Cozy Casual
You’re about comfort and warmth, favoring warm, traditional rooms made for relaxing with family and friends. Your ideal decor draws on English and early-American furniture designs, as well as laid-back country, cottage, and farmhouse styles. Weathered, low-maintenance furnishings are easy, inviting, and built for daily life. Think golden retrievers, fuzzy slippers, and just about any movie by Nancy Meyers.
Traditional Edwardian style cozy living room with white sofas and fireplace
D. Vintage Eclectic
You go for history, quirks, and curves. A rich, layered look combining flea-market finds, furniture designs from various time periods, and a diverse collection of accessories and artwork appeals to you. Dusty colors, timeworn or handmade textiles, and collected objects create a lived-in feel. Think Paris flea markets, Granny’s teacups, the film Grey Gardens.
A traditional living room in green with pattern wallpaper and vintage wrought iron sofa
I had to Google "Grey Gardens" when this came up, and I'm not sure if they mean the documentary or the TV movie - either way, I've got to see them both now.

This was the most fun. Instead of choosing between a set of pictures it asks you to value each picture on a scale between "Love It" and "Hate It" and you can see it taking out options in a grid to one side of the page. At the end it gives you a percentage breakdown of your styles and a detailed description of your main one.

I scored:
40% French Eclectic
40% Classic
20% Nantucket Style

French Eclectic
Parlez-vous fran├žais? Even if the answer is no, you can confidently say your home does! French Country, like its name, somehow manages to both be formal and casual, classy and unassuming at the same time. You like your spaces to feel inviting from the moment you (or your guest) opens the front door and this feeling should continue even after you've entered your most formal room. Even though there are French antiques here and gold details there, the rustic elements provide a balance and warmth that seems to say, "come in, relax and stay a while." Your love of antiques leads you to flea markets, garage sales and hours of eBay hunting.  
French Eclectic
The materials and pieces you are drawn to play on the mix of formal and casual. Many of the pieces look like they were passed down from your great-great-aunt (even if they are brand new!) and you managed to upholster them in a way that made that piece both then and now. Much of the furniture is wood-framed and the wood is either left natural (hey there rustic!), painted white (hey there country!) or even gold (hello refinement!). And many times there is a strong mixture of all of these. If you find yourself leaning much more towards the "country" side of things and away from the Parisian side, drop the gold details and replace them with wrought iron. 

When it comes to color, you are drawn to bright and airy options. Thoughts of the French countryside are key - warm colors such as yellows, reds and oranges hinting at fields of gold. But the nice thing about French Eclectic is you can just as easily go in the opposite direction: pale blues and greens hinting at acres of lavender fields and expansive blue skies

Space Planning
When you think about laying out your French Eclectic room the key is to invite people in and encourage them to stay. So furniture should be grouped nicely to encourage intimate conversation and the main pieces should be comfortable in both look and feel. There should be plenty of places to set drinks, prop feet and lean back. And yet the functionality of these pieces doesn't necessarily mean that they aren't beautiful antiques or replicas. 

So it looks like I'm Farmhouse Glam/Country/Cottage/Traditional/Romantic/Casual/Eclectic.

I'm not sure I'm much closer to 'defining' my decorating style, but I sure had a lot of fun.

Take a couple of the quizzes and then let me know in the comments what you came up with. Are you Contemporary/Beachy/Arts and Crafts or a Retro/Zen/Cowboy sorta styler?



  1. I used to be vintage flea market chic with a little primitive. Now I am whatever is the easiest to clean!

    1. Ha ha, yes! I look at some of the really ornate kitchens, with all the scrolly bits and think "Yes, that's beautiful, but I'd never be able to keep it clean".


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