Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Among the employed

Well, I've got myself a job. Starting next Monday I will be the Office Manager for KNDL (The Candle) the radio station here in Angwin. It's half time and church wages but it's just enough money to cover our budget and as I only have to work four hours a day I'll have time each day to do some studying and work on hobbies. I will go in on Thursday and Friday to do some handover work with the lady I'm replacing (also called Wendy) and she may come in once or twice next week if needed. It sounds like the job will be interesting and I get to listen to the radio while I work!
David is in Washington DC this week filming some more spots for "Faith and Freedom" so Evie and I drove him to the airport in Sacramento last night and then drove down to my parents'. David got a GPS system for Christmas and it has been SO helpful - especially driving somewhere new in the dark - you don't have to worry about trying to read maps by passing streetlight. Evie is sick with a sinus infection so I took her out of school and she has an appointment at Mom & Dad's doctor tomorrow.
So, that's where we are at the moment. I'll keep you all updated as to how the new job goes.

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  1. Hey Wendy, long time! Sounds like you're enjoying CA. Must be kinda cool to be home again? Sounds like you've got an interesting job there, too! Can't wait to read more!


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