Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Better late than never

I've just now, on the 18th, discovered that November is National Blog Posting Month and we are supposed to be blogging every day this month. In my typical way I'm half a step behind everyone else but I'll try to post every day for the rest of the month and hopefully this will inspire me to post more than once a year.

If there's anyone left who is keeping track I'll update you for the year:

June - got my hair cut SHORT, spent two weeks with David in DC.
July - new nephew, Cedric Liam, born on the 7th
August - canned peaches, visited Chattanooga and Southern (loved Chat, decided Southern wasn't for us)
September - bipolar crisis with Evie
October - went to Vegas for the first time for David's 4oth (WEIRD place!)
November - trying to get ourselves organised for the move back to England.

So, that's my life up to date.


  1. I forgot to add that in October we also got our car smashed in - total write-off.

  2. You may be half way into the month but you're still several steps ahead of most people, who don't even blog! Glad you're back in the blogosphere - what an eventful few months you've had!

  3. Oh, yeah! I would be so happy to have a couple of boring months.


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