Thursday, November 19, 2009


Today's post is going to be short - Evie had all her wisdom teeth out this morning and is in a great deal of pain tonight. I was lucky I guess and never had any problem with mine but David had his out in his mid-20s. We've stocked up on juice, chocolate soy milk, soy yogurt, jello and juice bars but at the moment it hurts her to swallow anything so she's holed up in bed with ice on her jaw. Poor baby, even the Vicodin isn't really helping.

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  1. Interesting side note - apparently in 10% of the white population their metabolism doesn't process Vicodin properly so it doesn't really work for them. It may be genetic because David had the same problem the one time he was on it. I went back to the oral surgeon and he prescribed Percocet for her and it worked much better.


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